Effective Homework Practices for the COVID-19 Pandemic

After the beginning of the pandemic, there is a new and unfamiliar way that schools are running. It is unique; therefore, students, families, and educators face a lot of challenges trying to cope. You may opt to have an in-person school, having online learning together with in-person learning. Others may be settling for total remote education at home. All these students will have Homework. Currently, the term does not have the same meaning as of pre-COVID error. Today, almost everything children do is Homework.

After research back in 2012, debates have been uprising concerning the importance of Homework. Now, it is a different tune since the start of the pandemic. People now know and understand the importance of Homework to students. It is an engaging, purposeful, and meaningful experience students get when not in the classroom with their teachers.

Despite everything that is happening, the earlier research still holds weight on its findings on Homework. We understand that:

Academic achievement does not relate to the number of time students spend on homework

The only thing that adds to a student’s academic achievement is self-directed studying. It applies to both Middle school and High School. Homework will not bring any change to the achievements a student gets in elementary school too.

Quality of Assignments

When educators are assigning Homework, they should consider giving engaging and high-quality assignments.

Quantity of Homework

By now, you should know that when students have a lot of Homework, they get a lot of stress. In turn, this will interfere with their downtime, sleep, family time, and other significant activities. During these challenging times, when there is a reduction of in-person interaction with children, educators should observe these protective activities.

Taking Breaks

Teachers, with the help of parents, should ensure that children get enough time for academic breaks. These breaks are essential to help the rest of their brains. They also get to reenergize for the following lessons and assignments. As the saying goes, ‘all work and no play make Jack a dull boy.’ Let the kid have time to do other activities such as exercise to keep them fit.

Writing Timetables/Schedules

Teachers and parents play a part in shaping a child’s upbringing. Teach the kids how to write and follow timetables. These planners assist the kid in fighting anxiety, and their brains prepare for upcoming tasks as for long Homework will help the student break down these tasks into small manageable pieces. The organization will add more confidence to the students.

The stakeholders in charge should consider the findings of the research and come up with improved ways. The study highlights several elements necessary for Homework. It also gives essential questions for both educators and parents to help them understand the current changes. The quantity of Homework should not be intense, but the quality is what matters the most. The professional communities and the school should work on terms that will favor children equitably. By equitably, it means that teachers should put students from both wealthy and less privileged into consideration. Equality should be driving gear. The stakeholders should also ensure that they do not leave any stone unturned.