Multistory Car Parking Will Save You Time

Regardless of where you come from, you must have come across people talking about whether or not local governments should clear out car parks. I should mention that there is no definite answer because it all depends on where you come from and what area you have in mind. Let us just look at some of the reasons why car parks are being looked at as a waste of space.

For starters, all cars are parked more than they are in use. Studies actually show that cars are parked 95% of the time and the amount of land dedicated to parking alone shows this. 30,000 and 27,000 square kilometres is dedicated to parking alone in Europe and the United States respectively. This proves to be quite a problem especially if you live within the city and let’s just face it, the biggest problem with parking is usually in the city or around major events.

Well, the fact is that things are different now than they were when the former generation were young in that young people are feeling more and more comfortable being in the cities to the extent of actually settling down within city bounds rather than getting out into the suburbs as was the case for a long time. As a result of city living, more and more people rely on public transportation, ride share services or even bicycles to get around. So, many young people are not buying cars like in times past. This leaves the car population to the few young people who decide to live differently and the older generation living and working in the city. So, seeing as there are so few spots available, do we really need these spaces?

Most would answer yes and no. Yes, there is a need for parking facilities but then again, instead of ten open spaces, how about one multi-storey facility? This would not only free up much needed space within the cities, but also be a source of revenue for the cities involved. In addition, introducing paid parking facilities throughout Chinatown will not only provide employment but also give residents peace of mind since they are greatly advantageous when it comes to keeping vehicles safe, visit this page to secure your Darling Harbour car park. The security issue is one of the factors people consider when looking for long term parking facilities. Anyone leaving their vehicles for hours, days or even months on end would want to rest easy knowing that their car is safe and ready for him/her to pick up when he/she deems fit. It is no wonder that airport parking has become so common in almost every airport in the world.

Decongesting cities by replacing the numerous car parking facilities with one or a few multi-storey facilities would also see a considerable decrease in traffic within the city. This might be good news to everyone but it is especially great for frequent travellers. Usually, if someone has a flight to catch, the journey would have start a few hours earlier just to beat traffic. However, all this could change if someone was guaranteed a quick trip to the airport.

In conclusion, city parking facilities should probably be limited to multi-storey parking. This will not only improve the quality of life of the city dwellers but also open up the city to potential investors.

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